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Concept of a Christmas Centerpiece. Comments?


Fishing Game for Kids

Make a fun fishing game for kids you can use in the bathtub {or on dry land for you land lubbers.}

All you need is a stick, some thread (or string/wool), a magnet, some paperclips and some paper or plastic for the fish. Great little stocking stuffer. This comes to us from in the UK. There are complete directions. Just remember to supervise the kids anytime there is water around. {A toddler can drown in a 5 gallon bucket with only 3 inches of water.} Fish away!

Blue Holiday Swag

This is the kind of project that looks better in real life than in photos. All materials from JoAnn’s except inks and stamps are from Stampin’ Up

How to Embellish a Christmas Wreath

Make a Holiday Swag in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Start with a stock holiday green swag. Alternatively, grab a handful of fresh green trimmings, tie tightly in the middle with a large twist tie or floral wire. Fluff the greens to avoid a flat look.
  2. Apply artificial snow using fingers to trace wreath elements. [optional]
  3. Embellish. In this case 2 holly berry picks, 2 lenghts of wire evergreen garland with pinecones, a spray of small mirrors and an old style greeting card were used.

This element retains a rustic old-time charm and is not perfectly balanced. Remember holiday decorations should convey feelings of comfort and joy. Too much emphasis on perfection will make your swag boring. So jump in and create!

Metamorphosis of a Stock Wreath

Pictured above is a wreath I made today starting with the first application of artificial snow and ending with the finished product. Each individual photo above can be enlarged by clicking on it. Ribbons and inks used are from Stampin’Up. The wreath base came from JoAnn Etc and the snow is Aleene’s Glitter Snow. All other materials are from my personal collection.

I Do More Than “Just” Stamp


The First Wreath of 2010

Materials Needed

  • 12″ candle ring
  • Artificial snow
  • 3 glass icicles
  • 3-D Snowflake ornament
  • 2-D Snowflake ornament
  • 3-D St Nick ornament
  • Floral battery powered lights
  • String, wire, tag, berries, rubber band
  1. Use fingers to apply snow to branches and needles keeping in mind the “direction” of the “wind” and allow to dry
  2. Attach glass ornaments with string
  3. Distribute floral lights
  4. Apply more snow to wreath and dust edges of ornaments on 1-2 edges
  5. Attach floral lights with rubber band and string
  6. Attach tag embellished with berries

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